Saturday, October 19, 2019

Sponges, Fishes and Dragons: New Creatures from the Old World Seas

(Text by Matt Bile. Illustrations by Bill Rebsamen) LIFE exists on Earth because of the sea. Life awoke in the sea, reached its greatest diversity...

Travel and Adventure


The Lungs of the Earth

The oceans are crucial to regulating climate and act as “the lungs of the Earth”, with algae and cyanobacteria in seawater providing up to 80 percent of the atmospheric oxygen which we rely on to breathe. The oceans also house over 230,000 marine species, with estimates that there are between one and 10 million species still undiscovered. Alongside their own intrinsic value, many of these marine species provide important goods and services. Collectively, ocean-related services and business are estimated to contribute over USD500 billion to the world’s economy.

The Tree Man


Mind the Gap

Climate change will affect all of humanity: men and women, young and old, rich and poor. If there’s one thing that looks past race, religion, age and income status, it’s the effects of climate change. Of course, let’s not overlook the other living organisms – all flora and fauna. The impact of our changing planet will affect them, too.

Speaking of Ghosts

High Notes

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Investigations Underway for Taiwan’s Worst Rail Accident in 27 Years

18 were killed and at least 187 were injured when all eight carriages of a Puyuma Express bound for Taitung derailed at 4.50pm Taiwan time on Sunday, 21st October. The worst in 27 years, the accident happened near Xinma Train Station in Yilan, a county in northeastern Taiwan. 366...

A Right to Rule

Monarchies have been associated with majesty, mercilessness, and even madness. Few absolute monarchies remain – but in some states, blood still runs thicker than water.

At the End of the World

Text and Photos by MAGDA BISKUP THE PICKUP TRUCK was slowly climbing up the steep and unusually bumpy dirt road. I was squeezed between my backpack, a box of groceries the driver picked up on the way, and a local man. We had been on the road for almost an...

The Beauty of Neutrality

Research and investment into renewable energy has been growing since the president of the Maldives declared five years ago that the country would go carbon neutral by the year 2020, in hopes that the rest of the world would follow suit.

Current Affairs

Our Planet, Our Life: Cleaning Up Versova Beach

Text: Shreya Acharya Instead of revelling in a much sought-after public holiday by having breakfast in bed or catching up on daytime TV, about 4800...

More Protests Causes HK Government HQ to Close

Clad all in black, close to a thousand protesters, including prominent democracy activist Joshua Wong, gathered at the Hong Kong Central Government Offices in...

Extradition Bill Shelved in HK But Protests Still Expected on Sunday

In a press conference held at 3pm on June 15, 2019, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has announced that she has decided to...

Street Protests Die Down But Hong Kong Might Lose International Hub Status

Street protests in Hong Kong finally died down on Thursday after the Hong Kong government postponed legislative sessions following widespread riots on Wednesday, June...

One Million Hong Kongers Protest in Streets Against Extradition Bill

A controversial extradition bill enabling China to extradite fugitives from Hong Kong prompted more than one million Hong Kongers to take to the streets...

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The Uniquely Southeast Asian Sport of Sepak Takraw

Sepak takraw may have been around since the 15th century, but it’s no forgotten relic. Find out more about the history of this fast-growing sport – and its bid for Olympic recognition
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