Friday, December 13, 2019

Fragments of Heaven

The breathtaking beauty of ancient mosaics is as unique as it is stunning. Not only does a mosaic make for a grand overall picture, look closely and you will find that each tile is a miniature work of art in itself – some no bigger than a few millimetres across.

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Asia’s Hot Stuff

The chilli pepper is an indispensable part of Asian cuisine. We take a look at some of Asia's spiciest varieties on offer.


Vanishing Roots

One of the largest ethnic groups in Cambodia, the Kuy community lives in harmony with the forest. For them, life follows the organic rhythm of Nature, rooted in the essence of community life. “We call this place our home. This is where we feel protected,” they explain. A community strongly tied to their animist beliefs, the Kuy people says that the Neaktah – or ancestral spirits – have blessed their presence in the forest. The Neaktah watch over people and places, as long as they are paid respect through prayers and offerings.
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Rickshaw, India, Sketch, Trishaw

Rickshaws: Living Fossils

Asia’s classic mode of transport has seen continuous upgrades over the years. Yet the earliest rickshaws – and the downtrodden coolies that pulled them – may soon be relics of history following Kolkata’s efforts to eradicate them   The pulled rickshaw – a two-wheeled passenger vehicle powered by the strength...

Spanning Space and Time: Building Physical Connections Across a Continent

Text by Flash Parker. Illustration by Richard Cag0moc.  The world is full of astonishing bridges. Some are famous, some are infamous and countless others attract no attention at all. Millions of tourists visit the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco each year, but how many of them have ever heard of Japan’s...

Sunshine and the Stick Men: Crafted from Heat

Text & Photos by Flash Parker In college, I had one of those grills endorsed by out-of-work and overweight celebrity boxers. I imagine eating Sri Lankan food for the first time is equivalent to trying to Panini-press my tongue between the hot parts of that grill: no cuisine on Earth...

Protecting Asia’s Biodiversity

Text Terence Koh, Image Shutterstock The clamour for economic growth in Asia’s rapidly growing cities are threatening to drive animals across Asia into extinction.The plastic pollution that spills out from the waters in Asia is rooted in the consumption of plastic from rapidly growing cities that are directly  contributing to...

Current Affairs

Transamerica Life Bermuda Partners with WWF to Raise Awareness on Forest Conservation

The “Rewrap Project” wraps your gifts in used newspaper or FSC certified paper to support a more sustainable Christmas Singapore, 28 November 2019 – Transamerica...

WWF launches Plastic Smart Cities initiative in South East Asia with a $40M...

Singapore, Tuesday, 19 November 2019 - WWF launched the Plastic Smart Cities initiative today at the Responsible Business Forum in Singapore. The initiative brings...

Multi-stakeholder support for a circular economy

●  Global Initiatives, UN Environment Programme, World Business Council for Sustainable Development and World Wide Fund for Nature welcome delegates to the 8th Responsible...

Our Planet, Our Life: Cleaning Up Versova Beach

Text: Shreya Acharya Instead of revelling in a much sought-after public holiday by having breakfast in bed or catching up on daytime TV, about 4800...

More Protests Causes HK Government HQ to Close

Clad all in black, close to a thousand protesters, including prominent democracy activist Joshua Wong, gathered at the Hong Kong Central Government Offices in...

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The Uniquely Southeast Asian Sport of Sepak Takraw

Sepak takraw may have been around since the 15th century, but it’s no forgotten relic. Find out more about the history of this fast-growing sport – and its bid for Olympic recognition
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