Project Tiger: Conserving India’s Forests

Text and images by Subhasish Chakraborty   This is where things stood in 1994, when a Time magazine cover shouted that the Tiger was “Doomed”, and U.S....


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How gaming became an athletic event

Video games have come a long way from internet cafes and LAN shops, and the profitability of this popular pastime might just make Olympians out of enthusiasts
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Drones Take Off In Asia


The Silent Epidemic

Sixty percent of the world’s diabetic population is Asian. And yet, many people don’t understand the dangers of this disease – and how to prevent it.

Above Sea Level


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

By now, most of us are aware that there is a large patch of plastic floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. What many of us may not know is that it's not made up of plastic bags and empty bottles. It's made up of billions of tiny...

Asian Geographic Celebrates 23 Years of Publication

Explore the Spiritual Side of Asia with Asian Geographic magazine 2022! In 2021, the world was slowly recovering from the throes of the pandemic and life is steadily returning back to normal. In that time, many have spent time at home with their families and loved ones. The conversations with...

Leaving More Than Footprints

Working with Pathein University and the Myanmar Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry, Worldview International Foundation ( was asked to restore acres of barren forest, and by the end of 2015 they had rescued and planted no fewer than 2.5 million trees. The site was completely transformed, and it is now known as the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park.

The Guise of Gems

WHY WOULD SOMEONE choose to make a living photo-graphing something so small, complicated and delicate that’s difficult to even hold in focus? In a word, passion.Passion is a word we throw around often in describing feelings about someone or something. But what does it mean to have a passion...

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Palm Progress

Can palm oil plantations and endangered rainforests really coexist? One conservationist says yes. Text and images credit: Nathan Sen The island of Borneo, divided among Malaysia,...

Above the Water: Sea Science

Text by Benjamin P.Horton 340 MILLION people are at risk of flooding from sea-level rise by 2050. We know that rising sea levels affect every coastal...

The Gold Trap: How COVID-19 is pushing Filipino children into hazardous work

By Marielle Lucenio The Philippines had been making slow progress in its long fight against child labour, but the pandemic reversed the gains that had...

A culture of silence blunts the impact of a new Vietnamese law against sexual...

By Trang Vu Vietnam’s new labor law requires employers to put in place mechanisms to prevent and penalize sexual harassment in the workplace. But Vietnamese...

Who Peels Your Garlic: Inside Manila’s Informal Economy

By Geela Garcia The garlic peeling industry in Baseco, Manila renders Filipino women among the least visible, worst paid, and most dispensable part of...

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The Uniquely Southeast Asian Sport of Sepak Takraw

Sepak takraw may have been around since the 15th century, but it’s no forgotten relic. Find out more about the history of this fast-growing sport – and its bid for Olympic recognition

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