Sunday, November 17, 2019

Spices: Roots and Routes

Text and images by Shreya Gopi Not only has Asia been the origin of several spices, but these treasure troves have also travelled all over...

Above Sea Level

Phillipines Easter

A Cross to Bear

Mind the Gap

Travel and Adventure


Predicting Killer Waves

One countermeasure to mitigate disasters in tsunami-prone Japan is to monitor ocean waves far offshore. In a buoy equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System),...


Never-Before-Seen Sports at the Asian Games

Three new extreme sports have found their way into this year’s Asiad lineup, and all of them take place outside the stadium. We take a look at what to expect from these new events

Back From The Dead

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East or West: Which Is Greener? (Part 1)

The deterioration of the Earth’s environment is the most pressing problem facing the human race today. Scientists have stated that an increase in global temperatures by a mere four degrees could unleash catastrophic natural disasters worldwide. We take a look at what each side of the world is doing...

Who Was Sylvia?

Singapore's renaissance woman, Sylvia Kho (1917–2013) was an innovator and entrepreneur in the arts of fashion, beauty and decoration. Learn more about her amazing life.

High Society: The Ultimate in Designer Tree Houses

Text & Photos Andy Round Once upon a time, tree houses were the stuff of Enid Blyton books and boyhood fantasy. A couple of planks nailed across a sturdy branch were enough to catapult childish imaginations into another dimension. The tree house now, however, is all grown up. And there...

What Makes the World Go Round?

text SHAILENDRA BHANDARE photos ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM, UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD AS everyone knows from the old English adage, the answer to the title of this tale is money. It comes to us in its three most ubiquitous forms – coins, banknotes and cards, or “plastic” – and we use it to make...

Current Affairs

Our Planet, Our Life: Cleaning Up Versova Beach

Text: Shreya Acharya Instead of revelling in a much sought-after public holiday by having breakfast in bed or catching up on daytime TV, about 4800...

More Protests Causes HK Government HQ to Close

Clad all in black, close to a thousand protesters, including prominent democracy activist Joshua Wong, gathered at the Hong Kong Central Government Offices in...

Extradition Bill Shelved in HK But Protests Still Expected on Sunday

In a press conference held at 3pm on June 15, 2019, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has announced that she has decided to...

Street Protests Die Down But Hong Kong Might Lose International Hub Status

Street protests in Hong Kong finally died down on Thursday after the Hong Kong government postponed legislative sessions following widespread riots on Wednesday, June...

One Million Hong Kongers Protest in Streets Against Extradition Bill

A controversial extradition bill enabling China to extradite fugitives from Hong Kong prompted more than one million Hong Kongers to take to the streets...

Most Read

The Uniquely Southeast Asian Sport of Sepak Takraw

Sepak takraw may have been around since the 15th century, but it’s no forgotten relic. Find out more about the history of this fast-growing sport – and its bid for Olympic recognition
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