Thursday, November 21, 2019

Camera Brands in Asia

ASIAN Geographic works closely with camera brands and photographers alike, and in our latest issue we go through the different camera brands - including...

Asia in Numbers

Asia is known for its busy ports and tourist traffic. In our latest issue is an extensive infographic showing Asia's busiest airports and its...

Along the Karakoram Highway

By Choong Ching Teo Atop the world’s highest border crossing. One of the world’s most scenic mountain roads lies in the heart of the Asian continent,...

Little-known Facts About the Mobile Phone Industry

Text Rachel Kwek Beyond the latest models and increasingly impressive phone specifications, what more is there to the gadget that has captured the imagination of...

5,000 Years of Pepper

THE pepper belongs to the Solanaceae family, from which we have also acquired the tomato, the potato and the eggplant. The variety of peppers...

King Tamar, the Caucasian Queen

In a world dominated by men, and where education, political power and military strength – all the preserves of men – were the most highly prized of attributes, any ruler who possessed them would be a king. Now and then however, history throws a curve ball. King Tamar was a woman and a great one too.

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Asia’s Sweet Success: The History of Ice Cream in Asia

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The Uniquely Southeast Asian Sport of Sepak Takraw

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