Saturday, December 7, 2019

A Dyeing Art

From artisans in two rural Indian villages come a huge share of the Hindu world’s sacred bracelets

Dressed by Nature

Text by Rachel Kwek Synthetic fabrics are ubiquitous in modern clothes but many of Asia’s traditional garments were made of natural fabrics that do not...

The Art of Making Cigars: A Smokin’ Hot Skill

CENTURIES after Columbus’ crews brought it out of the Caribbean to Europe, the habit of smoking cigars has evolved into a global culture. Colonialism took it along to regions afar. In Indonesia, for instance, it was the Dutch who brought it in, and since then, a number of cigar factories have been established since the early 20th century.
Akha, Traditional Costume, Hill Tribes, Thailand

Thailand’s Hill Tribes See Their Last Days

As elders pass on and youth surrender to the tide of modernisation, the once-proud villages who lived off the land are surrendering their diligently preserved traditions for basic food and healthcare

Philanthropic Champions

Visionaries who believe in making the world a better place and have made efforts to do so

In Search of the next Green Revolution – Advantage or Disaster?

Farmers transplant bright green rice seedlings onto grids drawn on the rich, ankle-deep mud. A few fields away, a water buffalo lazes in its...
hungry ghost festival

Sidewalk sacrifices

The 7th lunar month sees incense and food left on sidewalks in Asia, but experts and Taoist believers cannot agree on why or how the practice came to be.

Rajas of the Road

AS BODIES JOLT AND NERVES JANGLE through rush-hour traffic, commuters may see an exploding volcano, a famous family of cartoon ducks traipsing through a...

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Asia’s Sweet Success: The History of Ice Cream in Asia

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Kazakhstan scenery

Kazakhstan: Diamond in the Rough

Kazakhstan offers a wealth of adventure for the intrepid traveller. Take a turn into central asia to explore this little-known travel gem.
Sepak Takraw , Singapore , Asian Sports

The Uniquely Southeast Asian Sport of Sepak Takraw

Sepak takraw may have been around since the 15th century, but it’s no forgotten relic. Find out more about the history of this fast-growing sport – and its bid for Olympic recognition