Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Wave of Destruction: Remembering the 2014 Indian Ocean Tsunami

by Kathy PohThe way the oceans took all that they had was how a predator might pounce on its unsuspecting prey. As waters along...

Prized Medicinal Plants and Animals

by Rachel Kwek Mankind has for thousands of years tapped into the plethora of plants and animals on Earth for medicine and food. We take...

Philippine Eagle Coming to Singapore Wildlife Reserve for Breeding

by Leilani Chavez on 11 June 2019 The Philippines has loaned off two Philippine eagles (Pithecophaga jefferyi) to Singapore for a 10-year breeding agreement, part of...

Ambassadors from Ancient Asia

An ambassador travels to distant parts of the world and brings stories with them from their homeland. Today, Asia – Earth’s supercontinent – is...

New Zealand South Island: Nature’s Bounty

By Adrian Page. (Photo by Kevin Schafer/Corbis) Take an unforgettable journey through a captivating, picturesque mountain range, gradually giving way to numerous river systems and...

The 10 Nuturients For Healthy Green Plants

Are the plants in your garden or office dying even though they are getting water and sun regularly? Asian Geographic lists 10 of the...

The Refuge: A Documentary on the Plight of Asian Elephants

Text and photos by Fabio Di Lima The largest living land animal in Asia, the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) has been listed on the IUCN...

Turning Over a New Leaf: How New Delhi Turned Green

by Shakila Rajendra At the start of 2016, India’s capital city implemented yet another breakthrough initiative in a push to lose the reputation of being...

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The Hindu devotee’s hands are pressed together. His palms touch, close to his chest, and his fingers point upwards. His brightly-coloured turban is in stark contrast to his thick white beard. “Namaste,” he says with a slight bow. Literally translated, the word means “I bow to the divine in you.” A respectful greeting, namaste, or namaskar, combined with the wordless hand gesture, conveys the same meaning of acknowledgement for a loved one, a guest or a stranger, regardless of the speaker’s language, culture or religion.