Going Solar

While the Philippines is one of the most energy dependent nations in Asia, it is now finding solutions and embracing some of the most advanced solar technology available.

The Change Makers

Explorer Tim Jarvis recalls getting lost in the bush in Malaysia at the age of 12, and finding his way home by walking east towards the coast. “I always carried a compass with me. I remember finding my way through a section of jungle in Johor, and it gave me a real sense of satisfaction having done that. That feeling of resourcefulness that you can negotiate the outdoors with a bit of skill and self-reliance really stuck with me.”

A Harvest of Death

The depths of tragedy amidst stunning beauty

Sustainable Plastic Alternatives (Part 2)

Our excessive plastic consumption is hurting the environment. These alternatives and a little bit of effort from our part might just be the solutions...

Growing a City

Singapore’s efforts to build a “city in a garden” have ensured that many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna can still be found in the green areas that punctuate the island nation’s concrete skyline.

The Epitome of Contrasts: The final frontier of Asia

The Kamchatka Peninsula is one of the most remote regions from the population centres of Russia. For example, for people who live in Moscow...

5 Fascinating Facts About Carrier Pigeons

Long before wireless networks, carrier pigeons were widely used to send messages. We uncovered five fascinating fast facts about carrier pigeons through the years....

Priest, Pachyderm and Pygmy

A theory gone unheeded for decades finally came to the attention of the scientific community and struck gold in 2003, when bones of a new, pygmy-sized hominin species were discovered on the island of Flores, Indonesia.

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The Pyramid of Gunung Padang

Megalithic site in Indonesia could be the oldest in the world Gunung Padang Indonesia Göbekli Tepe TurkeyPyramids of Giza EgyptStonehenge EnglandBorobudur IndonesiaRapa Nui Easter IslandMacchu Picchu PeruGunung Padang is once again making headlines as the first pyramid in Southeast Asia and the oldest megalithic site in the world.Recent discoveries as deep as 90 feet found the hill-pyramid to contain...

Asia’s Sweet Success: The History of Ice Cream in Asia

by Selina Tan The concept of a frozen dessert is one that goes back thousands of years. By pouring a mixture of salt and ice over containers of liquid syrup, the Chinese were creating a rudimentary form of ice cream as long ago as 2000 BC. The resulting frozen product...

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

(Photo: Graphicaartis/Corbis) The Hanging Gardens of Babylon has captured the imagination of historians worldwide for centuries. Yet, its existence remains a debate as years of digging have turned up nothing about the lost Gardens.First described in a book called Babyloniaca by a Chaldean priest named Berossus in 280 BC, the...