Sunday, November 17, 2019
Tun Mustapha , Borneo, Turtles

Malaysia’s unconventional marine conservation model

To stop the destruction of sea life, the people from Malaysia’s marine park Tun Mustapha decided to work with poachers instead of against them

Coral Conservation

Coral reef conservation is an important part of the fight against environmental degradation. But the fight has thus far been, and promises to be a long and hard one. Conservationists and scientists will need all the help they can get.

5,000 Years of Pepper

THE pepper belongs to the Solanaceae family, from which we have also acquired the tomato, the potato and the eggplant. The variety of peppers...

6 Traditional Plants That are Sources of Medicine

Asians have been using herbs and fruits for medicinal purposes for centuries. Asian Geographic serves up six common plants that have surprising effects on...

London Marathon Goes Plastic Free with Seaweed Sachets

The organisers of the London Marathon made this year’s event on April 28 2019 a plastic-free one as marathon runners were given small edible...


Prominence, while not a gauge of the difficulty of the climb, is another good measurement of the height of a mountain.

Energy is Everything: Sustained By the Sunshine

Energy is everything in the Kingdom of Pythons. When the heat goes up, the lights go out; sometimes this is the government imposing a...

Here’s Looking At You, Kid!

A delicacy in Fujian since the 1300s, shark fin has found its way into the recipe books of six Chinese dialect groups and even the Japanese. Shark fin continues to feature on menus at special occasions, and sharks die by the millions in the name of tradition. Here's so far in the fight against shark finning.

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