Monday, February 17, 2020

Microscopic Plastic Litter

Plastic nanoparticles – tiny pieces of plastic less than 1 micrometre in size – could potentially contaminate food chains, and ultimately affect human health, according to a recent study by scientists from the National University of Singapore (NUS).
Giant Tuskers, Asian Elephants , Woolly Mammoth

Asia’s Great Tuskers see their last days

Great Tuskers are the closest living cousins of the legendary Woolly mammoth. Their tusks grow up to a whopping 2 metres long! Magnificent though they may be, these appendages are the very reason the elephants are quickly going extinct.

Once a Fishing Village

Located within the northwestern islands off the Philippine province of Northern Samar, the Biri Islands are home to a small fishing village plagued by a history of illegal ornamental fish trade, massive shark finning operations, and the occasional dynamite and cyanide fishing by the local fishermen. In recent collaboration, the government and locals have collaborated to transform the island into a conservation paradise.

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Grubs and other insects could offer a healthier and more sustainable food choice in the future.

Ghost Nets of the Ocean

Huge fishing vessels pipe through the Torres Strait every day, casting their nets and reeling in the bounty. But yet more net drifts along the coast, forgotten but for the animals that become ensnared in it, and the islanders whose paradise wanes with the ocean's suffering. Rising to the call, these ambassadors have woven their message of conservation into stunning works of art.


Avalanche victims are more likely to perish than survive. If a glacier is a frozen river, then an avalanche is a flooding torrent that blankets the slopes.

5,000 Years of Pepper

THE pepper belongs to the Solanaceae family, from which we have also acquired the tomato, the potato and the eggplant. The variety of peppers...

Red Alert: Treasures at Risk

Animals are among the many natural treasures to which Asia is home. We spotlight the Asian species listed as critically endangered in the IUCN...

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