Will Paris Change the Climate?

On 12 December 2015, the much-anticipated United Nations’ Paris Agreement for Climate Change was signed. The big question; is it too little too late for a warming planet?

Before They are Silenced Forever

In Southeast Asia, songbirds are caught, caged and illegally traded. In true colonial fashion, humankind yearns to acquire that which he finds beautiful, but this tendency could silence nature's virtuousos forever.

King and Queen of Kalimantan’s Jungle

Orangutans arriving at Camp Leakey are usually orphaned, injured or formerly held in captivity. The goal of the camp is to prepare the animals to live in their natural habitat again through a process of gradual exposure.

Protecting the Proboscis

The proboscis monkey has received increasing attention in recent years, but its habitat decreases with the Bornean forest that dwindles with human development. The survival of this charming species depends on decreased human intrusion into its turf.

The Allure of Paint

When the boundaries between art and photography are blurred and reality and imagination mixed, the results are seen in the paintings of Adrian Ho, a Malaysian artist who rose to fame at the Singapore Biennale 2013 with his two paintings Fruits of Life and Full Production.

Extreme Salt

The arid conditions thieve from a salt lake until all that is left is an alien landscape, a lifeless plain punctuated with saturated puddles. Workers toting baskets wade into the shallows. They are collecting salt, essential to the human diet, to medicine and even to the production of fertilisers and explosives.

Going Solar

While the Philippines is one of the most energy dependent nations in Asia, it is now finding solutions and embracing some of the most advanced solar technology available.

Growing a City

Singapore’s efforts to build a “city in a garden” have ensured that many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna can still be found in the green areas that punctuate the island nation’s concrete skyline.

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