Extreme Salt

The arid conditions thieve from a salt lake until all that is left is an alien landscape, a lifeless plain punctuated with saturated puddles. Workers toting baskets wade into the shallows. They are collecting salt, essential to the human diet, to medicine and even to the production of fertilisers and explosives.

Going Solar

While the Philippines is one of the most energy dependent nations in Asia, it is now finding solutions and embracing some of the most advanced solar technology available.

Growing a City

Singapore’s efforts to build a “city in a garden” have ensured that many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna can still be found in the green areas that punctuate the island nation’s concrete skyline.

Black Water

Cambodia's first UXO team is making the country's rivers and oceans safer for all. These brave civilians, having passed rigorous physical and mental screens, heft unexploded bombs and mines from the depths every day, risking their lives for the progression of their country.

Slitherin’ Singapore

Snakes are often perceived as deadly animals, cunning creatures to be feared and revered at the same time. But is this perception representative of all snakes? Why have snakes consistently been used as mythical symbols across many cultures in all the major civilisations? Research assistant Mary-Ruth Low opines that while venomous snakes should be respectfully avoided, there’s a whole world out there of colourful and delightful snakes on the sunny island of Singapore!

Once a Fishing Village

Located within the northwestern islands off the Philippine province of Northern Samar, the Biri Islands are home to a small fishing village plagued by a history of illegal ornamental fish trade, massive shark finning operations, and the occasional dynamite and cyanide fishing by the local fishermen. In recent collaboration, the government and locals have collaborated to transform the island into a conservation paradise.

Here’s Looking At You, Kid!

A delicacy in Fujian since the 1300s, shark fin has found its way into the recipe books of six Chinese dialect groups and even the Japanese. Shark fin continues to feature on menus at special occasions, and sharks die by the millions in the name of tradition. Here's so far in the fight against shark finning.

Back into the Vault

Storing greenhouse gases within the Earth           Text YD Bar-Ness The same fossil fuels that power our technological achievements are now known to...

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