Plastic Pollution: Greenest Countries in Asia

By Terence Koh Plastic pollution is one of the most challenging environmental problems afflicting the world today. With most of the fastest growing economies located...

Extreme Salt

The arid conditions thieve from a salt lake until all that is left is an alien landscape, a lifeless plain punctuated with saturated puddles. Workers toting baskets wade into the shallows. They are collecting salt, essential to the human diet, to medicine and even to the production of fertilisers and explosives.
Hibaku Tree of Hiroshima

Hibaku: The Witness Trees of Hiroshima

Almost 200 trees survived the direct effects of the Hiroshima atomic blast on August 6, 1945, and are now called hibaku jumoku – the survivor trees.

Pangaea, Dance of the Moving Continents

Today, we look at the familiar map and see the seemingly stable shapes of the land, but we are just catching a moment in a much more complex dance.

New Zealand South Island: Nature’s Bounty

By Adrian Page. (Photo by Kevin Schafer/Corbis) Take an unforgettable journey through a captivating, picturesque mountain range, gradually giving way to numerous river systems and...

International Polar Bear Day: Meet the Snow Giants

Today, on International Polar Bear Day, we celebrate the majestic snow giant and its charming characteristics. 

Plastic Pollution: The Consumption Conundrum

Cleaning up global plastic pollution is a major problem but the real headache is reducing the world’s appetite for this multifaceted material (Text by...

The Great Flood

Legends and stories of waters rising high and deluging the lands are recorded and passed down through the generations by a number of cultures across Asia.

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Island Nations of Asia

What is an Island Nation? An island country is a nation that is made up of one or more islands or land that is surrounded completely by water. Around one-fifth of Asia is made up of island nations, and while island countries are typically small with low populations, some, like...

The Pyramid of Gunung Padang

Megalithic site in Indonesia could be the oldest in the world Gunung Padang Indonesia Göbekli Tepe TurkeyPyramids of Giza EgyptStonehenge EnglandBorobudur IndonesiaRapa Nui Easter IslandMacchu Picchu PeruGunung Padang is once again making headlines as the first pyramid in Southeast Asia and the oldest megalithic site in the world.Recent discoveries as deep as 90 feet found the hill-pyramid to contain...

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

(Photo: Graphicaartis/Corbis) The Hanging Gardens of Babylon has captured the imagination of historians worldwide for centuries. Yet, its existence remains a debate as years of digging have turned up nothing about the lost Gardens.First described in a book called Babyloniaca by a Chaldean priest named Berossus in 280 BC, the...
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