From the rugged mountains of the India to the gleaming business district of Singapore, Photographer Ravikumar Jambunathan uses black and white images to capture moments of transcendence.

A Boundless Land

The wildest terrain against the warmest moments. Photographer Michele Martinelli explores the lives of Mongolia’s nomadic people

Winning photos: The Reuters Photojournalism Grant

We take a peek at the world through they eyes of tomorrow's photojournalists

A World Away

Hidden in the mountains, China’s largest minority group struggle to maintain their ways of life. 

The Daily Grind

Before rice gets processed, it must be dried. And while machines reign in today’s mills, one village in Bengal still does the job by hand

Rugged Terrain

Deserts, mountains and forests. All these are the playground of renowned trekker and photographer Ryan Pyle, who shares the best snapshots from his hikes

Tiger Tiger, Burning Bright

The Bengal tiger was feared by Indian villagers for its man-eating reputation, but behind this ferocious predator is an astounding capacity for love

Sunrise to Sunset

A picture paints a thousand words but none can read without light. A masterful manipulation of illumination by Per-Andre Hoffman