Soft and Savage

Owls - the fluffy but fierce residents of Malaysia's forests - are victims of the illegal wildlife trade. Text: Rachel Genevieve Chia   Malaysia-based Mauritian photographer Shamma Esoof speaks to...

International Polar Bear Day: Meet the Snow Giants

Today, on International Polar Bear Day, we celebrate the majestic snow giant and its charming characteristics. 

Mornings in Malacca

From old men leafing through newspapers to children running errands, mornings in Malacca radiate a timeless charm   Photos by Robert Lie   In Malacca, once considered among...

Hues of the Day

Colourful scenes from Asia captured through the lens of Malaysian photographer Alex Goh Chun Seong. Alex has over 20 years of experience as a photographer, and...

Enchanted Forests: A World of Fascination

(Text and photos by Jürgen Freund, with Stella Chiu-Freund) From Borneo to the Solomon Islands, Indonesia to the Philippines and Australia, we enter a magic...

Images of Asia

Every year, Asian Geographic runs the Images of Asia photography competition, which sees photography enthusiasts from across the region submit their images for the title in five categories. This gallery shows some of the finalists' work submitted in the 2015 competition.

A Boundless Land

The wildest terrain against the warmest moments. Photographer Michele Martinelli explores the lives of Mongolia’s nomadic people