Silk Road Expedition to China

In June 2017, 15 explorers embarked on the trip of a lifetime, tracing the history of the Silk Road in China – the first in a series of three Asian Geographic Expeditions in 2017. The travellers share their experience through images in this exclusive online gallery

Hues of the Day

Colourful scenes from Asia captured through the lens of Malaysian photographer Alex Goh Chun Seong. Alex has over 20 years of experience as a photographer, and...

Silk Road Expedition to Uzbekistan

This collection is a beautifully poignant depiction by Michael Lee of Uzbekistan's glorious past and the people who keep the memory of its greatest achievements alive. Immerse yourself in these memories and more through the eyes of our National Geographic Expedition 2017 team as they navigate the towers and walls of many ancient sites.

Light and Shadow

A play of light and shadow in Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam. Text: Rachel Genevieve Chia   Since arriving in Vietnam over a decade ago, Justin Mott has established...

Explosive Beauty

Land Escapes: the mesmerising lines, curves and outlines of Japan's volcanic landscapes that embody the flow of time, according to Goto Aki Text: Rachel Genevieve Chia   Since...

Melting Earth

Over the past century, mountain glaciers and ice caps, together with the melting of, or the “calving” off of icebergs, have been contributing to rising sea levels.

Rugged Terrain

Deserts, mountains and forests. All these are the playground of renowned trekker and photographer Ryan Pyle, who shares the best snapshots from his hikes