Overpopulation in Pictures

What does the effect of over 7 billion people do to our blue and green planet?


A coastal community in Bangladesh battles salinity intrusion on the front line of climate change

The Makings of an Icon

A showcase of portraits from Asia by master photographer Steve McCurry

Lands from the Mongol Empire

A compilation of visual stories that connect the land, culture and people of Eurasia that were linked by the former Mongol Empire under Genghis Khan

Spiritual Skin

Discover Asia's Vanishing Tattoos

Faces of Asia

Specialising in travel and portraits, as well as fashion photography, Manuel Libres Librodo Jr's popularity among photographers and photography fans is showcased by more than 27 million hits on his website.

Every Tribe, Every Nation

In 2010, photographer Jimmy Nelson began a three-year journey around the world to document some of the world’s most iconic indigenous cultures

Melting Earth

Over the past century, mountain glaciers and ice caps, together with the melting of, or the “calving” off of icebergs, have been contributing to rising sea levels.