Kazakhstan scenery

Kazakhstan: Diamond in the Rough

Kazakhstan offers a wealth of adventure for the intrepid traveller. Take a turn into central asia to explore this little-known travel gem.

The Voyages of Sinbad

Few literary works have gained the worldwide popularity achieved by the Thousand and One Nights. Many of the narratives this anthology contains gained their...

The Sweet Nectar of Nha Trang

Whether you’re nestled in a quiet bay or relaxing on the slopes of the surrounding mountains, it is difficult to miss Nha Trang’s unequalled...

What’s for Tea, Darjeeling?

India is the largest consumer of tea and its second-largest producer in the world. We take a closer look at one of its most well-loved varieties, the Darjeeling.

An Epic Creation

Text by Shreya Acharya The birth of writing from ancient Sumer has led to prominent and influential literary works, such as the Epic of Gilgamesh,...

Indonesia: Raja Ampat

Take your pick from the hundreds of dive sites teeming with marine life in this fascinating region. By Rachel KwekWell-known for its pristine and...

Top 5 Places to Visit in Singapore

An multiracial island state with Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians, Singapore is a cosmopolitan city state with a dizzying array of food and culture...

Pachyderm Parade

The Surin Elephant Roundup has its origins in Thailand’s royal hunts in the Ayutthaya period. Today, the festival is a nod to the region’s status as the "land of elephants".

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The Pyramid of Gunung Padang

Megalithic site in Indonesia could be the oldest in the world Gunung Padang Indonesia Göbekli Tepe TurkeyPyramids of Giza EgyptStonehenge EnglandBorobudur IndonesiaRapa Nui Easter IslandMacchu Picchu PeruGunung Padang is once again making headlines as the first pyramid in Southeast Asia and the oldest megalithic site in the world.Recent discoveries as deep as 90 feet found the hill-pyramid to contain...

Asia’s Sweet Success: The History of Ice Cream in Asia

by Selina Tan The concept of a frozen dessert is one that goes back thousands of years. By pouring a mixture of salt and ice over containers of liquid syrup, the Chinese were creating a rudimentary form of ice cream as long ago as 2000 BC. The resulting frozen product...

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

(Photo: Graphicaartis/Corbis) The Hanging Gardens of Babylon has captured the imagination of historians worldwide for centuries. Yet, its existence remains a debate as years of digging have turned up nothing about the lost Gardens.First described in a book called Babyloniaca by a Chaldean priest named Berossus in 280 BC, the...