Images of Asia

Celebrating over 20 years of bringing Asia to the world, the Images of Asia (IOA) Competition by Asian Geographic has been enjoyed by readers, photography legends and enthusiasts for the past 16 years with a singular focus the vitality and diversity of Asia through imaging.

Calling for entries: If your photo/videography genre fits into street/people, landscape, wildlife, photojournalism; your medium is on DSLR or mobile, and whether you are a professional or an aspirer, submit your best photos and/or videos of Asia now!

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  • Bringing Asia to the World – Celebrate the Vitality and Diversity of Asia


  • Street/People Photo/Videography

Anything under the sun in Asia: the mundane, the unusual, or the unexpected.

  • Landscape Photo/Videography

Asia is home to vastly diverse landscapes. We want to see your interpretation of them whether natural or man-made.

  • Wildlife Photo/Videography

They walk, crawl, swim, fly or not move at all. Capture plants or animals on land or in water. Wide-angle or macro doesn’t matter as long as your shot inspires appreciation for the beauty of life forms that share the planet with us.

  • Black+White Photo/Videography

Black and white, greyscale pieces.

  • Youth Photo/Videography

This arena welcomes participants who are below 21 years old to submit works interpreting Asia in all categories mentioned.

  • Photojournalism Photo/Videography

Entrants should submit a photo that focuses on impactful storytelling together with a writeup of between 500-1500 words.

  • Food Photo/Videography

Showcase the aesthetic and sensual side of food, be it their colours, patterns, the concept or context of the food that spurn the dynamic life in Asia.


  • Photography – Mirrorless Camera/DSLR
  • Photography – Mobile (iPhone/Android)
  • [NEW] Videography – Mirrorless Camera/DSLR/Camcorder/GoPro*
  • [NEW] Videography – Mobile (iPhone/Android)*

* Video submissions must fulfill at least 60 seconds.


  • PHASE ONE: After Monday, 01.03.21, 23:59pm (GMT+8), submissions will be reviewed, shortlisted, and the top 3 for each of the 7 categories (total Top 21) will be open for public voting through Asian Geographic website. Voting channels will also be announced on Asian Geographic Asian Geographic Facebook page and Asian Geographic Instagram page.
  • The voting for the respective 7 categories will close on Friday, 12.03.21, 23:59pm (GMT+8).
  • FINAL PHASE: The Top 21 entries will enter a final round of Live Judging session on Sunday, 11.04.21, for a winner to be crowned from each category.

Entry/Submission Procedure

1. Read the contest rules carefully
2. Submit the online entry form (scroll down)
3. Pay your entry fee via the secure PayPal
4. Receive a confirmation email with your submission details


  • Only photographs taken within Asia as outlined in the United Nations geoscheme for Asia will be eligible for contest.
  • Photos submitted must not be winning entries of any other competition in the past 6 months.
  • Digital manipulation of photographs other than cropping is disallowed.
  • Asian Geographic Magazines reserves the right to disqualify entries that do not adhere to the stipulated rules and guidelines or are obscene, vulgar, profane, libellous, false and pornographic in nature.
  • Entrants should be the sole producer and owner of the photographs submitted.

Submission Deadline

Submissions close on Monday, March 1, 2021 at 23:59PM (GMT+8)

Competition Fees

  • Winners of Images of Asia Monthly will have their winning image entered into this annual competition for free, as well as being entitled to 3 complimentary submissions to this annual competition.
  • Subscribers to our printed version of ASIAN Geographic may submit up to five photos for free. For each additional photo, a US$10 submission fee will be charged.
  • E-Magazine subscribers may submit up to three photos for free. For each additional photo, a US$10 submission fee will be charged.
  • Submissions from the postponed IOA 2019 will be carried forward to IOA 2020. Affected participants who paid for submissions are contacted via email and entitled to complimentary submissions matching the number of their original submissions (e.g. 5 free entries for year 2020 to match 5 paid entries in year 2019).
  • Non-subscribers will be charged a submission fee of US$10 per photo. If a non-subscriber submits three photos (US$30) and more, they will automatically receive a one year e-Magazine subscription free of charge (worth US$16.99).

Image specifications

  • Colour Mode: RGB
  • File Format: JPG (we do not process RAW files)
  • JPG Compression: High Quality (low compression)
  • Dimensions: 14″/35cm (at 300 dpi) or 4100px in the longest dimension (regardless of whether it is a portrait or landscape image)

Video specifications

  • Colour Mode: RGB
  • File Format: MOV, MP4 in resultion of 1080p
  • File Size: Submission through this portal is no larger than 500MB. Any entries larger than 500MB, please email it to
  • Duration: No longer than 60 seconds in length

Labeling Images/Video

Name each jpg file according to the following template:

Subject Location_Category Code_Medium_Participant Name_Title_City.jpg/mp4

Example: ID_SP_VHM_JohnDoe_Mother and Child_Mumbai.mp4


SL=Sri Lanka

Category Code

SP=Street Photo/Videography
ST=People Photo/Videography
AL=Landscape Photo/Videography
WL=Wildlife Photo/Videography
BW=Black+White Photo/Videography
DC=Documentary Photo/Videography
PJ=Photojournalism Photo/Videography
FD=Food Photo/Videography


PHC=Mirrorless Camera/DSLR
PHM=Mobile (iPhone/Android)
VHC=Mirrorless Camera/DSLR/Camcorder/GoPro
VHM=Mobile (iPhone/Android)

Submit your entry now!