This magazine has been discontinued with effect from January 2019. A section of Asian Geographic Junior will be incorporated into each issue of Asian Geographic.

Asian Geographic Junior Issue 02/2018 (48)

This issue, we take a peek on the softer side of Asia with some of the region’s traditional cultural practices. Carried on through generations of ancestors – parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents – these ways to dance, heal, and hunt that are even today done using the same methods as when they were invented hundreds of years ago! Others involve experimental, dangerous or plain crazy ideas that didn’t make it to modern times – for obvious reasons. How do nomads live? How was cheese made? How do you catch an eagle? We explore all these questions… and more!

Asian Geographic Junior Issue 01/2018 (47)

Did you know there’s a train with rocket boosters on it? How about the fact that you’re probably half the size of the world’s biggest bat? And that there’s a super-mysterious disappearing bridge in India that has scientists all confused? (We want to know what you think!). Amazing science and modern technologies made these and more all happen… read on to find out how!

Asian Geographic Junior Issue 04/2017 (46)

In this issue of AGJ, we take a look at power dynamics. In celebration of Singapore’a 52nd birthday, check our some of the colourful aspects of Singapore’s culture since independence in 1965. We also sneak a peek at the timeline of independence in other parts of Asia. We take a look at the rise and fall of the great empires in history, and also learn about the area with the most powerful earthquakes and volcanoes. Consider the different sources of energy that give power to our homes and motor vehicles – some are sustainable, some questionable, and some threatening in escalating climate change. From this, we know that power – in all its various forms – can be a force for good and bad. It can be volatile and unpredictable and, as history teaches us, can bring destruction when placed in the wrong hands. We take a look at some of Asia’s maddest monarchs, whose whims and fancies and paranoia made them infamous.

Asian Geographic Junior Issue 03/2017 (45)

In this issue of Asian Geographic Junior, we’re taking a look at creative culture in Asia – from the ancient arts that make up our creative histories, to the more recent developments in artistic expression, which is constantly changing and seeking new outlets. Check out the various cultural traditions in the different parts of Asia and leaf through the archives of art history. Take a whiff of the odd (and sometimes scary) food choices in different Asian cultures, mindful of how some foods can impact the environment. Navigate the intercultural exchange of art forms from east to west, and vice versa, looking at how contemporary culture has become increasingly globalised. Debate that which makes us human, and how our world might be changed indefinitely by artificial intelligence. From Bollywood to breakdancing, let this issue inspire your creative juices!

Asian Geographic Junior Issue 02/2017 (44)

In our next green issue of Asian Geographic Junior, we examine climate change and explain what it is, and what’s causing it. We delve into the science of global warming, trace the history of human actions that have caused it, and show you how our warming planet affects our populations, ecosystems and animal species. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way! Every one of us can lead the charge in making a positive difference to nurse our beautiful Earth back to good health. We show kids how to encourage a strong eco culture at home and in their communities by taking the initiative in recycling, water conservation, and using less energy. By committing to eco-savvy behaviour, we can all reduce our carbon footprints, and be environmental heroes.

Asian Geographic Junior Issue 01/2017 (43)

The new year brings with it new resolutions, and ushers in new beginnings – and that’s exactly what we’re getting up to in the next issue of Asian Geographic Junior: looking at the beginnings or our Earth, its inhabitants, and the traditions, cultures and moments of genius that have made up our phenomenal history! We trace the early origins of our amazing animal species from Asia to other parts of the planet, and our own evolution from monkey to man. We take a look at the incredible inventions that have been produced in Asia across the centuries that have revolutionised our lives.

Asian Geographic Junior Issue 05/2016 (42)

We take a look at the diverse languages of Asia and the world – from the extensive variety of regional dialects, to the unique languages of animals, the ‘made up’ languages in film and literature, and the incredible advances in technology that are allowing us to communicate faster than ever before! We also dabble in a bit of word play with some fun, engaging language games and poetry writing exercises.

Asian Geographic Junior Issue 04/2016 (41)

This issue of Asian Geographic Junior is all about great journeys. We feature Admiral Zheng He on the cover, whose voyages across the Seven Seas made him one of Asia’s greatest icons. From colourful pilgrimages to historic modes of transport, let’s travel in this issue to learn about the significance of journeys.

Asian Geographic Junior Issue 04/2016 (40)

In this issue of Asian Geographic Junior, we take a look at the superwomen making the world a better place. She may be the one making your breakfast in the morning, and ensuring that you get to school in time, or she may be the one standing in front of the classroom, broadening your mind. She may be the political leader, making inroads in a landscape dominated by men, or the inventor who is leading the way in making new discoveries.